Fabrizio Genovese

Partner at 20squares, academic, consultant

fabrizio.romano.genovese [at] gmail[.]com

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Hi, I am Fab. I am a founding member of the Applied Category Theory community, a new field of mathematics focused on applying really abstract stuff to really concrete things.

My current research interests are about applying formal methods - mainly Category Theory - to the study of crypto, economic modelling and MEV. I am also interested in distributed systems, consensus theory and concurrency.

In the past, I have worked on quantum foundations and quantum natural language processing.

Here you can find my publications:

Services and Skills

I am very lazy, meaning that I will always do anything in my power to find the most effective solution to a given problem in the least amount of time possible. I don't like wasting time and resources, either mine or my client's. These are the services I currently offer:
Economic Formal Verification

For this, head over to 20squares.xyz. I am not available for private consulting on this, so you'll have to go through the company. Sorry!

Example: Modelling an Automatic Market Maker and a Lending Platform. [Github]

Development Advisor

I will lead your developers in implementing your ideas in the most consistent and reliable way, relying on my extensive knowledge in cutting edge mathematics and formal methods. If you need a qualified dev team I will provide it for you.

Example: Developing a formally verified finite state machine parser. [Github]

Research and Design

I will use state of the art research to analyze a given problem, and I will help designing it correctly from the ground up. A correct design saves a lot of time and effort at implementation stage, and will result in a more reliable end product.

Example: Formalizing the semantics of a programming language. [Paper]


I will teach your employees to use advanced formal techniques in their daily workflow. This is especially useful for developers and system architects in general. I have extensive experience in teaching advanced mathematics to people working in the enterprise sector, and I will tailor my training services to your needs. I can also read papers for you and distill them into accessible knowledge via uderstandable explanations.

Example: Teaching category theory to people working in tech. [Website]


PhD in Computer Science, University of Oxford
2015 - 2018

Msc in Mathematics, University of Siena
2013 - 2015

Bsc in Mathematics, University of Naples Federico II
2008 - 2013


Hire me to design, not to code!

I have familiarity with functional languages such as Haskell, with dependently typed languages such as Idris and with mainstream languages such as Javascript. I can code, but I am the most productive in a pair programming environment, where I closely follow a developer suggesting implementation design choices.


I'm a bit of a language geek, in particular I have a thing for dead languages. Here is a bunch of languages I am comfortable with or that I am actively learning.










Middle Egyptian